“I wonder how many students’ lives might be saved if we educators disclosed what we know to each other.”
-   Roland Barthe, Founder, The Principal's Center, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Our annual Transfer School Conference welcomes transfer school educators and partners from across New York City to participate in a full day of workshops, panels, student-led sessions, and keynote addresses.

A unique feature of the conference is that the majority of workshops and panels are developed and facilitated by, and for, transfer school educators. Last year's conference offered 77 workshops to 1,000 attendees from across the city.


Hosted by the New York City Department of Education in partnership with Eskolta School Research and Design, the 10th Annual conference will take place June 4, 2020.

We invite you to explore our conference resources.


Conference workshops, panels and sessions focus on a wide variety of topics relevant to transfer school staff and partners, including instruction and pedagogy, social emotional supports, postsecondary readiness, work-based learning, the arts, special education, supporting English language learners, and many more!


Click here to explore the 2019 conference program.


A highlight of the conference is each year's keynote speaker, who embodies innovative, thought provoking and relevant ideas in education, pedagogy and policy. Past keynotes include: 


  • Dr. Pedro A. Noguera (2011)

  • Reverend Dr. Alfonso Wyatt (2012)

  • Jonathan Kozol (2013)

  • Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade (2014)

  • Dr. Michelle Fine (2015)

  • Dr. Monique Morris (2016)

  • Dr. Christopher Emdin (2017)

  • Dr. Nowile Rooks (2018)

  • Dr. David E. Kirkland (2019)

(Above) At the 9th annual conference on June 6th, the MPI team launched the 'I am Awesome Campaign' to celebrate all the incredible educators and students within the community.  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @I_am_Awesome_BC

"The advocacy work of transfer schools goes beyond being in the classroom and running schools. Being in a transfer school means consistently being a revolutionary about the work."

  — Dr. Christopher Emdin


The New York City Department of Education is committed to working collaboratively with parents, educators, school communities, and external stakeholders to improve student achievement and ensure that every child graduates from high school prepared for college, a career, and a future as a productive, critically thinking adult.


The mission of the NYC DOE Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OPSR) is to research, develop, and implement innovative school and program models that help students graduate ready for college and careers.




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