We believe in rebalancing the equation for disenfranchised students by providing schools with the support they need to improve.


The NYC Department of Education is home to 57 “transfer high schools” originally created in the 1970s and designed to re-engage students who have fallen far behind or who previously dropped out. Students typically arrive at transfer schools with significant gaps in skills and knowledge, and lacking the critical behaviors that promote academic success.

New York City has a longstanding commitment to equity and access for disenfranchised youth.

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In 2012, New York State released the Common Core Learning Standards. For principals and teachers, the idea of preparing their population of students to master the standards was daunting. New high-stakes exams emerged that required thinking and problem-solving skills that most students hadn't yet developed and many teachers weren't sure how to support. Transfer school principals reached out to district-level educators for high quality professional learning support.​​


In 2012, New York State released the Common Core Learning Standards, with a prediction that high-stakes state assessments tied to the Common Core would follow.

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Lynette Lauretig

— Senior Director —

Lynette manages the Multiple Pathways portfolio, which includes the Multiple Pathways Institute, the Transfer High School conference, and an educational team in charge of providing leadership development, building teacher capacity, and sustaining a professional learning community for 25 high schools. + read more

Eve Bois
— Director —

Eve works closely with principals and schools to support their professional learning within the Institute. She manages many of the team’s special initiatives and projects, including curriculum development for teachers, fostering partnerships between schools and community organizations, and presenting at national conferences. 
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— Director  —

Caresse's expertise in data collection and analysis helps support the Institute's goals and drives the direction and growth of the program. She collaborates with principals to help them articulate school-wide achievement and student success through both cross-school site visits and documentation of outcomes.  + read more

The Multiple Pathways team in the NYC DOE’s central office re-imagined and designed a new research-based professional learning model to support a network of 20 transfer schools. The guiding principles and beliefs evident in prior successful professional learning efforts, combined with the technical expertise our partners contributed, provided a new framework. The current framework includes the design and delivery of personalized goal planning, job-embedded instructional coaching, cross-school collaboration, leadership development and long-term sustainability through mentoring.


Driven by a large dose of political will and an enduring passion to support the city’s transfer school students, the Institute was launched.

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Now entering its 8th year, the Institute continues to provide schools with high-quality, research-aligned professional learning that drives school improvement and leads to measurable student outcomes. We’ve learned through continuous research and data analysis that the program is effective for all types of schools that serve re-engaged students. The program currently supports transfer schools and career and technical education high schools.


We’ve learned, through continuous research and data analysis, that the program is effective for all types of schools that serve re-engaged students.

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